October 15, 2010

Our website designer

Today just wanted to give a grateful plug to Marcia Barrentine, our web designer. Marcia Barrentine lives and works in Portland Oregon. She used to design books for the Eighth Mountain Press in Portland (including one of mine many years ago.) She designed my personal website and we had a lot of fun together using northern motifs of ice hotels and reindeer for the new look. It was natural to turn to her when thinking about redesigning the new Author-Editor Clinic site with new features like this blog. I learned more about search engine optimization, Twitterfeeds, and meta tags than I thought possible. Marcia was a patient, cheerful teacher-designer, used to walking clients through lots of interesting questions about audience and focus. We're all thrilled with the look and feel of our new site. And because Marcia still works with books, I asked to her to also design the cover of An Editor's Guide to Working with Authors using the same fonts and design elements.

1 comment:

  1. Nice job with the redesign. This is a very attractive, clean site that's user friendly. Thanks for adding a blog for editors!