November 5, 2010

Adventures in Self-Publishing, Part II

The first copies of An Editor’s Guide to Working with Authors are published.

Yesterday I went to the office of Third Place Press and took a close look at the proofing copy that Vladimir Verano had prepared. I approved it and stayed there for ten minutes while a new copy of the book was created through the Espresso Book Machine.

I went off for a while to do some errands and enjoy Seattle’s beautiful fall day and when I returned I had twenty more copies. I’ll have more next week. They are now officially for sale through this website.

This process has been different from any I’ve experienced creating a book. I’ll have more to say next week about the publication process, but for now, I just wanted to share my delight in seeing this book come into being.

I’m posting some photographs:

  1. The Espresso Book Machine
  2. Vlad loading paper
  3. The cover being printed
  4. The book being trimmed
  5. The book arriving into the world

 Barbara Sjoholm


  1. How satisfying, Barbara, congrats!

  2. Yay, it's born! Cool to see the photos, Barbara.