November 27, 2010

Blog Roll Call for the Future of Editing

As I try to sort out the future of editing, my future in editing, I troll the Tower of Babel that is the blogosphere and end up at the future of publishing. A few regulars, in no particular order:

Self-described as "dissecting the publishing industry with love and skepticism"--and a healthy dose of humor.

An American Editor
One editor's take on editorial quality, the business of books and publishing, e-books, and the Rock Bottom Remainders ...

Joe Wikert's Publishing 2020 Blog
"A book publisher's future vision of print, online, video and all media formats not yet invented," or mostly all electronic publishing all the time, from former Wiley & Sons now O'Reilly exec.

Publishing Trends
About, well, publishing trends.

"The publishing industry's edgy, boundary-pushing, ahead-of-the-curve, zine"--whoa, stand back!

The Book Deal: A Publishing Blog for Writers and Book People
Inside the world of traditional publishing--yep, it still exists--through the eyes of veteran publisher Alan Rinzler.

Magellan Media Partners
A prolific blog from a publishing consulting firm, tracking what it thinks publishers should know about social media, mobile devices, and "ize" word like "monetize."

Publishing Perspectives
America isn't all that--check out the international world of publishing.

Survival of the Book
In the midst of so much digital fluff, "a possibly futile attempt to protect a thing with pages and a cover from electronic destruction." Awwww.

Arts & Letters Daily
This one is beyond publishing, really, but is an exquisite time waster. Put out by the Chronicle of Higher Ed, A&L is an aggregator that collects news, opinion, gossip, reviews, and the kitchen sink from bookland--if you can keep up with A&L, you're bionic!

What would you add? A commenter on this blog asked a few days ago, "Where is our [editors'] voice in the writing community?" I hope that's the kind of conversation we can have here.

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  1. What a great list. Thanks!
    I would add the Shatzkin Files
    Mike Shatzkin is a publishing consultant and he writes a great blog on the changing functions in publishing as the industry undergoes its digital transformation.