December 2, 2010

More points of view!

My name is Kyra Freestar, and I’ve been invited to blog at The Editor’s POV this month.

About me: I’m a freelance editor. I started out copyediting nonfiction (which I still enjoy) and branched out to fiction -- both developmental editing and copyediting -- after finding my way to Barbara Sjoholm’s Author-Editor Clinic. I've also been the administrator for the Clinic for the past two years, which means I answer initial questions and manage registration for online classes and editorial clinics.

About The Editor’s POV: I’m excited.

Read the comments on Barbara’s posts about self-publishing, and on Julie Van Pelt’s posts about the sea change in book publishing, and you’ll see that the discussion is just beginning -- from the editor’s point of view.

As guest blogger this month, I’m going to switch to a new topic of conversation. Or more likely, several new topics. Because I’m excited about hearing other editors’ points of view on issues that interest me.

Such as …
  • Learning from peers
  • Learning from writers
  • Owning my own editorial point of view, respectfully
  • Editing speculative fiction
  • And other curious things

I’ll also be contributing to the December Ask an Editor Q&A roundup -- so I hope we’ll be kicking up a lot of conversation and questions among us editors. (That means you: Please join me. I don't want to be standing out here alone, you know.)

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