February 1, 2011

Ask an Editor: How can I add a comment?

We're new to blogging, we manuscript editors. I banged my head on the computer screen a few times last fall when I was first figuring out how to add my comment to other editors' posts -- and I'm hearing that some of my fellow editors have had similar frustrations.

And we want comments! There've been a few great discussions in the comment section following some earlier posts, and I would love to see more as we go forward.

So, a few tips on commenting from a newbie to blogdom:

(1) You can post comments without setting up any new "account" of any type. You don't need a Google account or Blogger account or any other account to comment on this blog.

(2) It seems that the frustrations are particular to the platform and browser of each user. If the guidelines below don't work the first time, skip to #7, then try steps 3-6 again, or skip straight to #8.

(3) First, find the commenting box: go to the bottom of the post you want to comment on, and click on the link that says "0 comments" (or "1 comments" or "5 comments" depending).

(4) Type your comment in the text box. (If you haven't worked out your method yet, save the text separately in case you lose it the first few times you try.)

(5) Go to the "Comment as" dropdown menu below the text box. If you don't have any account, select "Anonymous" or "Name/URL". If you select "Name/URL" then type in whatever name you like. Add your website if you'd like people to visit you there, or leave it blank.

(6) You will be given a visual passcode to type in before the comment will be accepted by the blog.

(7) If you're having trouble, try doing the above steps in a different browser. On my Mac, for some reason I cannot comment in Firefox, but everything seems to work fine in Safari. One of my colleagues using a Windows machine found that the visual passcode never appeared at all when viewing the blog in Internet Explorer, thus her comment would not post; in Firefox the passcode did appear, after a lengthy pause, and she was then able to post her comment.

(8) If you want to comment and none of the above suggestions work, please email your comment to authoreditorclinic@gmail.com, and we will post your comment anonymously.

There are lots of guidelines out there about commenting: be respectful, remember your comment is public, and so forth. We're editors. We know that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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