February 4, 2011

Hello February!

Hi there editors and editing fans. Happy February! I’ll be your guest blogger this month. 

There already have been so many wonderful substantive and helpful posts to the blog; I hope I can well add to the mix. This month I plan to offer a variety of posts. I’ll be thinking about the business side of our editing work, with topics I cover and discuss with participants in my Clinic class, “The Business of Freelance Developmental Editing: An Overview” (March 1–22 this spring).  

But I also plan to add some smaller thoughts about keeping our work fresh, engaging, and yes—maybe even fun. I may even include a Q&A. I’ll be working on more this weekend (we do often work weekends, don’t we?) and post more in full early next week. 

Stay tuned!
Karalynn Ott
Verve Editorial 

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