May 27, 2011

Self-publishing resources online, pt 2

I'm continuing to look for good online information for editors about self-publishing. 
A few new ideas this week:

Howard, on her blog, credits Smith with scaring her into getting her first self-published book professionally proofread—which I think an excellent service for authors and editors alike. I hope Howard's book also discusses editing; the chapter titles provided on don't mention it. Meanwhile, Publetariat's categories of links include "Think, Choose, Write, Design, Publish," but not "Edit." 

Is editing really such a small part of the publishing process? Is it just because I myself am an editor that this gap stands out? Is there a trove of online information about the role of editing in self-publishing that I've somehow missed? Or is there really such a lack of education about editing in the online world these days?

In other publishing news, this week announced a fifth new publishing imprint, publishing e-books with POD available for customers who want a print copy. (Seattleites will recognize the naming conventions for the latest two of the five imprints: Montlake Romance, and Thomas & Mercer (mysteries and thrillers)). Things keep changing.

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