July 15, 2011

Free Online Issues of Comic Books and Graphic Novels

To supplement the two previous posts related to editing graphic novels, here is a list of readily available free comics to give a feel for the range of subject matter, genres, and art styles. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, or even representative. Many genres and styles of writing and art are not even hinted at in the selection of titles.

Most of the webcomics listed are independent; most of the downloadable PDFs are from larger publishers.

Webcomics and online collections
There are thousands of online webcomics. The majority are independent (indie) comics published by the creators. Some have huge followings; some are virtually unknown.

For starters, these four dedicated hosting sites alone are said to host thousands of webcomics each:

Here’s an international collection of short graphic literary works in translation:

These sites are dedicated to specific storylines in the listed genre:
  • Unsounded — fantasy, girl and sorcerer guardian

Sample issues online
These sample issues of print comics and graphic novels are categorized by type, with a cross-section of genres. The format varies from viewable online to a downloadable PDF.



Star Wars universe:

Other genres:
  • Witchblade — homicide detective with supernatural artifact
  • Wanted — supervillain assassin world

    Complete graphic novels online
    These two sites feature small collections:

    Here are a couple of other complete online novels:

      Downloadable graphic novels
      These graphic novels are in a variety of genres. The links are to free first issues of the given volume; the complete novels are often multivolume sets.

      • DMZ Vol. 1 — near-future tale in demilitarized zone of Manhattan 

        These two sites have links to several comic book scripts:

        —Marta Tanrikulu

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