July 1, 2011

Re: editors and editing

This is an interesting one.

  • Edit the Editor is an online series by Seattle writer and editor Kelley Eskridge. Today is day 13 of a write-a-thon benefiting Clarion West (a six-week residential writing workshop for speculative fiction writers: more info here), and Kelley's strategy is to write one short, coherent piece each day, for 41 days, based on different writing prompts or ideas. Then, she posts each day's piece of writing together with her reflections on what she was aiming for and what she learned. Then she opens the post to comments (thus the name of the series). 
I haven't read many of the comments yet, but I'm finding Kelley's notes on what she was doing, why, and how, to be fascinating. When I'm editing a manuscript, the question "What is this writer aiming for here?" always comes before the question "How can she do it even better?" I think Kelley's posts are going to be informing my imagination for some time to come.

Apart from following Kelley's write-a-thon, I've not been online much in the past couple weeks. If you've seen interesting posts on editors or editing, please let us know in the comments.

—Kyra Freestar

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