September 16, 2011

Re: editors and editing

On September 7, literary agent Rachelle Gardner posted her personal take on “how much editing an agent can and should do”—and specifically, how much editing she can do for her clients. “I realized I was giving away thousands of dollars worth of editorial expertise,” she says, at the expense of doing the work only she can do to sell her clients’ books to publishers.

I like reading agents’ blogs, in part because, like most editors, agents both love books and are in the book business as professionals. So here’s a short list of blogs I like by agents and other publishing professionals:

  • The Swivet, by Colleen Lindsay, who was an agent for the early years of the blog and is now in business development with the Penguin Group

  • Nathan Bransford, author and another former agent who was agenting during the first years of the blog, and those posts are still available).

  • Editorial Ass, written by an anonymous “recovering editorial assistant”

Note that this list includes blogs by in-house, but not freelance, editors. There are lots and lots of great blogs by freelance editors on the Web, but as a freelance editor myself, I get a different type of information when I read blogs by professionals who play different roles in publishing than I do. 

Also note, the list above is short. I'd love to add to it. Please let us know which blogs you like to read, and why.

—Kyra Freestar

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