September 13, 2011

'Tis the season for education

Happy September, editors!

I always like September. Even after a very full August, I still feel that this, now, is a time to make new plans and renew commitments.

A colleague of mine, Alexandra Howson of Thistle Editorial, recently sent out a newsletter reminding us all that this is the season to “claim your education” — inspired by a speech by feminist author, poet, scholar Adrienne Rich.

Rich asks students to “demand to be taken seriously so that you can also go on taking yourself seriously. This means seeking out criticism, recognizing that the most affirming thing anyone can do for you is demand that you push yourself further, show you the range of what you can do.”

One of the ways I remind myself to take myself and my work seriously is to commit to my continuing education as an editor. Here are some ideas for pushing yourself further, expanding the range of what you can do:

Online classes at the Author-Editor Clinic:

Online classes elsewhere:

Regional meetings and conferences for editors:

For more, see the amazing list of education options provided by veteran copyeditor Katharine O’Moore-Klopf, in her Copyeditors’ Knowledge Base

And we’d always like to hear more: If you know of classes or regional organizations that aren’t on these lists, let us know! What are your favorite ways to claim an editorial education?

—Kyra Freestar

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