October 1, 2011

Travel Writing Class with Barbara Sjoholm Hugo House Oct 8

There are still some places left in my four-hour workshop on travel writing next Saturday in Seattle. I've done this at Hugo House several times and we always have great fun sharing adventures and creating longer articles and essays from our notes. 

Hope to see some of you there!

Barbara Sjoholm

 From Travel Blog to Travel Essay

You’ve been keeping journals of your travels or posting to a blog about your trip. Is there more to explore in a longer and deeper narrative about your journey and your encounters with other cultures? Bring your colorful bits and pieces of description and insight to this class, and we will work on quilting them together into essays. We will look at using photographs, research and objects to enhance the narratives, and will pay special attention to methods of revision that bring distant places and people to life.


  1. Sorry this is in Seattle and I'm not. I've read your memoir set in Lapland and loved the descriptions of the Ice Hotel and the commentary on your sledding experience with the Sami. It would have been interesting to hear you describe how to select that kind of colorful detail and weave it into a narrative.

  2. Thanks, Marta! Unlike the online classes, this is one that requires a physical presence. I teach it in part because I love to hear other people's travel stories from all over the world. We always have a good time.