December 9, 2011

Re: editors and editing

An interesting online conversation about fact and fiction: 

  • The Nail Your Novel blog discusses when and why an author might choose to write memoir versus fiction (or a hybrid of the two). —thanks to @dirtywhitecandy
  • A Writer’s Digest post discusses legal implications of choices of character name and characterization, sparked by a lawsuit against Kathryn Stockett for “unpermitted appropriation” of a real person’s name and image in The Help, and subsequent emotional distress. (Also read the March 16, 2011, comment by onyx, at the bottom of the page.) —thanks to @LynetteBenton
  • And the Rights for Writers blog discusses legal liability for authors of memoir. —thanks to @elizabethscraig

In a useful post with an outrageous title, an editor writes about editing, with love
—thanks to @KOKEdit

And The New York Times says some publishers seem to be deciding that “if e-books are about ease and expedience … then print books need to be about physical beauty and the pleasures of owning, not just reading.”

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