December 16, 2011

Re: editors and editing

’Tis the season in which we can turn anything, even editorial humor, into gift ideas. 

·      Red pencil necklaces on Etsy.
·      More red pencil necklaces on Etsy.
·      Typewriter bracelet and much more from The Writer’s Workshoppe.
·      From CafePress: “Revise. You know you want to.”
·      But don’t end with a preposition.” (Warning: No self-respecting copyeditor will wear this T-shirt.)
·      How to use an apostrophe” poster from The Oatmeal.
·      The xkcd book, volume 0. Also from xkcd “Just shy, not antisocial” T-shirt and “Citation Needed” sticker.
·      And T-shirts that will remind one and all of two important things: “During the day, I dress up like an editor,” and “I can haz grammar.”

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