December 23, 2011

Re: editors and editing

I can’t not reference a blog post titled “On Editors & Editing.” The subtitle is “A Call to Arms for Indie Authors,” so this is a letter to authors, not editors. But it documents a transition point I’ve been suspecting occurs again and again, one author at a time. From writer Jenny Milchman: 
  • “I realized that if I didn’t have an editor of this caliber telling me my book needed more work, then I wouldn’t be doing it. It’s too hard. The closer a book comes to good, the harder it is to go back and pick it apart. … I know I would’ve called my book satisfactory at draft 19. Or 10.” (blog is by @jennymilchman, post forwarded by @Pennhand)

And for a visual look at editing, a slideshow from The New York Times Magazine: “How to Assemble a ‘Dragon’.” From the captions:
  • “Editing is all about compressing time so it gives you the illusion of continuity, even as we take out the ‘boring’ bits.”
  • “Even though [the flashback] takes the same amount of screen time,” Wall said, “it actually seems quicker, because you’re staying in that recounting of the event.”
Happy Friday!

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