January 9, 2012

An Editors Roundtable

My editing and freelance career has grown tremendously over the years that I’ve participated in Author-Editor Clinic classes, clinics, and other discussions. I credit this not just to the years of reading, writing, and editing, but also and especially to the opportunities to talk with other editors. Listening to the many editors I’ve met, both online and offline, I’ve learned to recognize some of my own editorial patterns, discover what my voice looks like in black and white, and think about how to convey my own personality as an editor. I steer my way as a developmental editor by the light of the emotional, analytic, and communication skills demonstrated by my colleagues.

This blog began in the fall of 2010 as a way to encourage dialogue among different generations of editors in the Clinic program, and to extend the conversation to the greater online community of editors, specifically freelance developmental editors of fiction and creative nonfiction.

This year, we’ve got a new idea to try out: an Editors Roundtable.

Every month for as long as we can keep it up—and at least for the first half of 2012—we’ll present several editors’ perspectives on freelance developmental editing. This month’s topic is “Favorite Things”—as an introduction to the eight participating editors. So keep an eye on the blog this week and next for introductions to editors Nancy Wick, Julie Van Pelt, Marta Tanrikulu, Beth Stokes, Karalynn Ott, Dianne Mettler, Jennifer Hager, and Amy Smith Bell. (I’m doing it in reverse alpha order, because we do it the other way so often, you know.)

I hope the Roundtables will spark conversation in your head, among your friends and colleagues, and online (comments are open; you can also contact us on Twitter or email info@authoreditorclinic.com). Happy editing.

—Kyra Freestar

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