January 5, 2012

First, third, and the person in between—a class on POV and Character

One of the things I love about teaching is that it allows me to revisit and explore broader issues than those I encounter in everyday editing work. For instance, many of the fiction writers I work with use first person or single or multiple third person in their novels. Of course there are many variations on these viewpoints, as well as the lesser-used second person, and I’ve been thinking about them almost nonstop for a week as I read and revise lectures and make up assignments for the upcoming four-week online class, Focus on Character and POV.

Looking for examples of different POVs, in memory, on my bookstores, and on Wikipedia (who knew there was an entry on second-person narrative with a long, fascinating list of stories and novels employing “you” ?) has reminded me of dozens of novels I adore and those I always meant to read. Lucky for me, not only will I get a chance to revisit favorite novels and characters, but editors taking the class will also bring up examples to discuss.

We’re anticipating a lively session, so if fiction interests you, please join us! The class begins next Wednesday, January 11.

For more information, including a syllabus, or for questions, please email Kyra Freestar at info@authoreditorclinic.com

—Barbara Sjoholm

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