February 10, 2012

Re: editors and editing

Those who write about publishing have been making editors happy lately.

  • Jane Friedman reminds writers:
    “An editor is someone with professional training whose only responsibility is to ensure you produce the best book possible.”

  • Melissa Foster and Amy Edelman at IndieReader.com remind self-publishers:
    “The main complaint about the indie book category is the lack of editing. … Let us simply say here that every writer benefits from a good editor.”

  • Publisher Jamie Raab (Grand Central Publishing, Hachette Book Group) reminds everyone:
    “You can't underestimate the importance of editing.”

  • Jeff Norton, on The Literary Platform, says this:
    “I believe the most important role that publishers perform is the one they are strangely reluctant to celebrate: the editor and the process of editing an author’s manuscript into a readable book.”

Jeff Norton goes on to urge the publishing industry to celebrate editors. 
Here’s the food for thought:

  • “Could we develop our editors into brands?  It would be a lot more relevant than imprints (granted, some eponymous imprints are one in [sic] the same), which have limited meaning to consumers, but editors are real people, with real taste acting as both curator and collaborator. Editing is a craft, taught through old fashioned, but ever-relevant, on-the-job apprenticeship and should treated as such.” [Read the article.]

Happy Friday, editors!

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