February 24, 2012

Re: editors and editing

  • At the New York Review of Books, a commentator muses on the experience of reading books, and asks, "What is it that these literary men and women are afraid of losing should the paper novel really go into decline?" 
  • The article referenced above managed to elicit many thoughtful comments. Among them, one person wrote, "It seems that most authors express their gratitude to their editors and publishers and the wise authors will want to continue the practice. But how common is wisdom?"'
  • Editors who work with self-publishing writers might want to keep up with what those writers are dealing with out there. This roundup on Jane Friedman's blog is a good source—it may also give editors some sympathy for the chaos in which self-publishers are maneuvering.
  • Editors as well as writers may therefore want to keep an eye on the just-announced Alliance of Independent Authors, a nonprofit membership organization intending to represent the interests of self-published authors.

Happy Friday, editors!

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