March 6, 2012

Editors Roundtable—Outtake

I asked a few of the freelancers at our February Editors Roundtable whether they specialized solely in developmental editing or provided a variety of editorial services. Here's what Julie Van Pelt had to say:

Category busters ’r’ us. I make it as a freelancer—moneywise and sanitywise—by diversifying skills, diversifying clients. I manage projects, I do developmental work directly with authors, I copyedit, I teach copyediting, I proofread (rarely, but I do love to work with paper! PDFs not so much, but I do it). What I love about the mix of editing is that it breaks down the hierarchy of moving from proofreader to copyeditor to developmental editor—on the one hand, this has been my path; on the other, we all need each other, which is ever more clear now that publishers are forgoing professional proofreading (all hail the proofreader!). The developmental editor relies on the copyeditor relies on the proofreader, and vice versa, all in service to the author’s work.

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