March 2, 2012

Re: editors and editing

On the business of freelance editing:

On the business of book publishing:
  • Book distributor IPG calmly and logically explains why e-books should never cost less than $10. "E-books, as they become more important in the book trade, will have to carry their full share of the editorial and marketing costs of producing them." (Thanks to @EditorAM for pointing me to this post.)
  • Published author Anthony Horowitz says he would have liked to title his post "Thank Christ We Don't Need Bloody Publishers Any More." Read to the end and you'll find a philosophical question: At the end of the day, what do we really want the people who create books, whoever they are, to focus on?
  • And here's a post on the changing landscape of publishing from a freelance editor's perspective. I particularly appreciated the calm and curious tone of voice that inspired commenters who avoided lambasting each other while still engaging with the issues. Thank you, @RebeccaMHoffman.

On the value of editors and editing:
  • From IPG's post: "A carefully kept secret in the book business is that even the best authors need editing. In fact the good ones insist on help and will follow a gifted editor from company to company to get it."
  • From Anthony Horowitz's post: "How good are self-published books? Or, more to the point, does the absence of a professional editor make itself known? To answer that, I actually read a self-published novel – well, part of one. Actually, one paragraph." 

Finally, a reminder: The Author-Editor Clinic's online class on The Business of Freelance Developmental Editing will be offered again starting March 20. Want to talk to other editors about these issues? Want to put some attention into organizing your own business practices. This is a good place to start.

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