March 9, 2012

Re: editors and editing

  • For any editor who hasn't yet seen it, the Oscar-winning best animated short film—about books—can be viewed here.
  • People are still talking about little free libraries, according to USA Today. ( My end-of-2011 Happy New Year post includes more links to little free libraries. Just saying the words "little free libraries" makes you smile, doesn't it?) 
  • One editor I know is interested in Whichreads, a new site "for choosing what to read." I'd be curious what librarians think of it. Anyone out there knows a public librarian, let us know!
  • Speaking of libraries and librarians, I've recently discovered how fabulous the Seattle Public Library's blog is. It's fabulous! (Case in point, Friday is "Science Fiction Fridays," and today's is about Jo Walton. If you've read Jo Walton, you know what I mean.)

If you think your local public library is doing a great job, let us know. 
And let them know, too.

Happy Friday!

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