April 20, 2012

Re: editors and editing

Amazon.com is all over the news these days:
(Find all of An American Editor's posts about Amazon.com here. Meanwhile, Rusch, as always, has an independent take—the silver lining in the post linked above: Now that everyone knows $9.99 e-books are loss leaders, it's time for independent authors to raise their prices!)

In other news, I've been glad to read a couple of recent articles in praise of editors:

Finally, we were thrilled to see An Editor's Guide to Working with Authors reviewed by Katy McDevitt at the PublishEdAdelaide blog this week. 

Thank you @KatyMcDevitt for the review. Thank you @victoriastrauss and @DeannaHoak for pointing me to the Salon.com article. And Happy Friday, everyone!

26 April 2012: After I posted the above links last Friday, @EditorAM pointed me to a few more articles about Amazon.com:

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