June 8, 2012

Re: editors and editing

Facts, figures, and (informed) opinion: 
  • A survey of traditionally published authors found 75% “rated their editorial input as having been good or (more commonly) excellent.” 
  • A survey of self-publishers found only 29% hire a proofreader (and more fascinating facts).  
  • An American Editor muses on “What an Author Should Give an Editor”—which is, information. The goal of editing is to meet the author’s needs, thus “authors need to take a more proactive role in the collaborative effort by providing basic information — without waiting to be asked — before the editor begins work. Together, the author and editor can make the author’s voice heard.” 
  • @JaneFriedman and @RachelleGardner, two of the best sources of online information on the publishing landscape, discuss How to Influence [acquiring] Editors.” The focus? Partnership: “when you want something from someone...then it behooves you to learn, listen, and find out how you can be a desirable partner.” 
  • Let’s not forget that “A publisher makes a significant contribution to the beginning writer. [The] process of editing is powerfully instructive for a first-time author.” This just one takeaway from a fascinating post that asked reader, writer, bookseller, publisher, and librarian to reflect on the e-book revolution.

Happy Friday!