July 26, 2012

New Intro Class Begins in August

When I was a kid, August wasn't only a time to get in as much more fun as possible swimming and biking--it was a time to begin thinking about school again. Yes, it was kind of a drag to think of taking off the sandals and putting on the socks and shoes, but there were positive things too: new clothes, school supplies, and the expectation of seeing old friends. The possibility of a lively young teacher who might see my good ideas, not just my bad handwriting. A fresh start.

We're starting our fall classes a little earlier this year, on August 8, so that we can get in two sessions of the Introduction to Developmental Editing before Thanksgiving. You can read more about this online class and others offered by the Clinic here, as well as what past participants have said about their reasons for signing up. Many of the participants are working editors who want more experience with fiction and creative nonfiction. Some are writers too. As the instructor I encourage discussion on aspects of memoir and the novel, including characterization, plot, and pacing. The emphasis is on working to improve our skills analyzing manuscripts and  interacting with author clients in a professional, respectful way.

While it's true, especially in the Pacific Northwest where the Clinic is located, that summer is far from over, August is still a good month for beginnings and fresh starts. Although no new clothes are needed for online classes, feel free to go shopping anyway.

Our deadline is August 3. Write us at info@authoreditorclinic.com if you have questions or to register.

--Barbara Sjoholm