December 3, 2012

Introduction to Developmental Editing January 2013

Announcing the next upcoming online class, Introduction to Developmental Editing of Fiction and Creative Nonfiction 
January 9 – February 27, 2013

This in-depth introductory 8-week course focuses on learning to analyze the structure of book-length manuscripts and to communicate your analysis to the author. Weekly online lectures address elements of fiction and memoir that overlap: Theme, storyline, characters, scene and summary, dialog, and narrative shape. Weekly written assignments build on the lectures. Participants will read two published or self-published works of fiction and narrative nonfiction (suggested titles provided on request) and practice looking at them from a variety of angles, taking notes in a systematic fashion, and crafting sections of an editorial letter that deals with the big picture.

Here’s what an editor from the most recent Introduction class told me, “Thanks for a great class, Barbara.This was a really clear example of getting as much out of the class as I put into it! Once I dug into each of the assignments, I was really excited about the process and felt really good about your lectures, your assignments, and your notes regarding my assignments. So many many thanks.”

If you'd like to expand your skills as an editor and explore what makes fiction and creative nonfiction work, think about joining us. Like many of our classes at the Clinic, this one is open to editors with all levels of experience. We welcome writers with an interest in self-editing or learning more about the elements of their craft. For more details, including reasons why editors and writers take this class and for a FAQ sheet, check out our website.

This class will also be given in April, 2013.

~Barbara Sjoholm

To register or ask for more information:, by January 4, 2013

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