March 8, 2013

Website restored!

Thanks to the readers who alerted us quickly to the temporary disappearance of the Author-Editor Clinic site. There was a small glitch but it's now repaired. 

We look forward to having you visit the new address of The Editor's POV blog, over on Wordpress.


March 6, 2013

Changes at the Author-Editor Clinic

During the last several months we've switched our website to WordPress and our blog is now there, too. We can be found at If you are a subscriber, you'll need to switch to the new address.

With all the changes we haven't had much time to blog!

Additionally, both Kyra Freestar and I have been working hard on editing projects. I'm also about to publish a translation with the University of Wisconsin Press: With the Lapps in the High Mountains: A Woman Among the Sami 1907-8 by Emilie Demant Hatt.

But we're still offering the basic introduction to developmental editing class, referring authors to editors, and tweeting (thanks to Kyra!).

Join us over at our new site.

Happy Editing!